Call for chaplain funds heard

In a pre-Budget announcement, Education Minister Peter Collier said $2.7 million would be provided to an extra 179 public schools that missed out on the Australian Government�s reduced chaplaincy funding in 2015.

�We�ve listened to the concerns of principals and communities, and all 500 public schools, which identified a need and applied for chaplaincy funding, will now receive it,� he said. �I announced before Christmas we would make up the $1.45 million shortfall for another 71 schools to access an in-school chaplain, but it was clear more were needed.�

In addition, the State Government has committed $5.05 million to continue the program in 2016.

Further chaplaincy services can also be accessed through a separate State Government program worth $5.68 million a year.

Treasurer Mike Nahan said chaplains had a positive influence in the lives of many students.

�Students can receive guidance and support in family relationships, bereavements and crisis situations,� he said.