Call to re-home dogs

Call to re-home dogs

What happens to the often-docile dogs after their racing career is also under the microscope with some dogs simply euthanased for not performing on the track.

Greyhound Adoptions WA is one group that re-homes former racing dogs.

Safety Bay resident Steph Moses is among those who have brought a dog into their home.

�You will not find another breed so calm and gentle,� she said.

�I have three young kids and my hounds have always been so tolerant of them.�

Ms Moses said each dog was assessed for its suitability to people, children and other pets before it was re-homed.

She said reform in the industry was needed to make sure dogs were not discarded. �Being dumped at the vets to be put down is such a waste of life,� she said.

Many greyhound trainers genuinely cared for their animals but there remained a thug element.

�The treatment varies from trainer to trainer,� she said.

�I have seen trainers, owners and breeders who do love their dogs and spend time with them like a member of the family.

�In other cases they are just bred pointlessly and there are many hounds killed for not making the cut in the industry.�