Campaign on to raise funds for shop owner

Shona and Nick Phillips lost their business in their early hours of Wednesday, April 29.

The shop was broken into, $140 in notes from the till and the shop�s charity tin were stolen. The place was then set alight.

Mr Phillips had expressed fears after the fire that he might not be able to afford to keep his three children in a local private school because he did not have insurance for loss of income.

�The principal rang us Wednesday night and the school has been really great and the three kids can stay on at Peter Carnley,� he said.

Before the fire, customer Mr Edwards would order fish and chips every Friday night.

While he admits he was never close to the Phillips personally, he felt moved to set up an online fundraising campaign when he saw the damage the fire had caused.

�I was down there on that morning helping to clean up and I spoke with them and got their permission to do it.

�As a community if we can have compassion maybe we can get (the shop) to open quicker.�

Mr Phillips said he was humbled by the gesture.

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