Car lover fined almost $6000 for storing run-down vehicles on his property

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A MAN’S love of tinkering with cars cost him almost $6000 when he appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on August 15.

Representing himself, Silas George Booth pleaded guilty to one charge of storing vehicles or machinery in a state of disrepair on his property.

The prosecutor for the City of Kwinana said the Wellard resident had at any given time 12-20 cars in a state of disrepair on his 2000sq m property.

He said council had asked him to remove the cars by a letter in 2015 but they received no response.

He said they sent two more letters and still had no response.

An officer from the City eventually spoke to Mr Booth and he told them he had the cars as a hobby with some used for demolition derbies and the rest used as scrap metal.

He said the maximum penalty was $5000 with an additional penalty of $500 per day of non-compliance.

The total days of Booth had the cars was 228 days.

The prosecutor also claimed costs of three hours work at $396.00 per hour.

Booth, 27, told the court he had moved the cars.

“I’m living in the present not the past. I have made mistakes,” he said.

“I’m a young man; I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, but I do like cars.

“I do admit my mistake and have taken photos to show the property now.”

Magistrate Michael Wheeler asked Booth when the photos were taken.

Booth told him they were taken that morning.

“What about all the letters council wrote to you removing the car bodies?” the magistrate asked.

Booth replied: “I’m a young man, they gave me two months.”

Magistrate Wheeler was visibly annoyed.

“Forget about that young man codswallop – you’re old enough to know,” he said.

Magistrate Wheeler fined him $2000, ordered he pay costs of $1305.50 and fined him $10 a day for the 228 days of non-compliance totalling $2280.