Cardup company finds work for long-term unemployed

Cardup company finds work for long-term unemployed

WORKSKIL WA and Wormall Civil have joined forces to provide jobs for people who were previously long-term unemployed.

Wormall Civil’s office and concrete manufacturing operations are based in Cardup and they have projects throughout the region such as Madora Bay and Mandurah.

Six workers, who had previously been unemployed, recently joined Wormall Civil’s workforce after liaising with the Workskil Mandurah branch.

The new employees work as labourers and plant operators on rollers and dump trucks.

Wormall Civil human resources manager Rob Winchester said the company could not be happier with the work ethic of the new employees.

“From a total workforce of over 250 personnel, Wormall Civil currently employs over 65 people from within the Peel region,” he said.

“The company has formed an alliance with Workskil WA to immediately increase this number to over 75 with ongoing engagement over the next six to 12 months.”