Chase leads to court

Glen Andrew Beynon (36), of Parmelia, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with a direction to stop, exceeding 0.08 per cent of alcohol per 100ml of blood and failing to secure ammunition.

Police prosecutor Mick Fallows said Beynon was driving a Holden utility with no headlights on Calista Avenue on July 26. He said Beynon accelerated away when police turned on their lights and siren.

Senior Constable Fallows said the ute reached excessive speed, Beynon lost control and crashed into another utility, causing minor damage.

Police found 12-gauge shotgun rounds in Beynon�s ute and he recorded 0.114g of alcohol. He had a previous excess 0.08 on his record.

Beynon�s lawyer said her client had argued with a guest at a party and decided to leave. She said he did not consider whether he was over the limit and headed home.

Beynon had been using his licensed firearm the week before and forgot to take all the ammunition out of the utility.

The lawyer said Beynon had joined Alcoholics Anonymous.

She said Beynon had worked in the security insulation industry for 17 years and the ammunition charge might affect his security licence.

Magistrate Stephen Wilson granted a spent conviction for the ammunition charge only. Beynon was fined $1450 and his licence was disqualified for nine months.