City ‘not involved’ in community meetings

Cr Adams said the group failed to involve the City in discussions about upcoming meetings, which will be hosted by the committee, aimed at bringing community leaders from Kwinana and Cockburn together.

In a half-page advertisement in a local newspaper last week, the committee had requested that Kwinana community leaders come forward to discuss what would be best for both communities during local government reform.

A second invitation was issued for Kwinana’s Aboriginal community, inviting them to a meeting in Bibra Lake this weekend.

A committee spokeswoman said the committee was reaching out to all cultural, sporting and business groups to inform them about potential losses in the future.

‘There is a lack of information being provided by the State Government to all affected communities,’ she said.

‘It is purely a meeting for residents of the community.

‘So far we have had a positive response from Kwinana residents that have been engaged with individually.’

However, Cr Adams said she was ‘somewhat bemused’ to read that there would be keynote speakers from Kwinana attending the Aboriginal community meeting.

‘I would have expected an invitation from the Cockburn Mayor to have been invited and to have the opportunity to speak ” given the meeting equally includes the Kwinana Aboriginal community,’ she said.

The Aboriginal community meeting will be held this Saturday, with transport provided upon request.