City of Rockingham clarifies artificial turf policy

City of Rockingham clarifies artificial turf policy

THE City of Rockingham has moved to clarify confusion surrounding the use of artificial turf on social media.

In 2012 the City of Rockingham voted not to support the use of contemporary synthetic turf products in public places such as road verges, recreation reserves and areas in the general public domain.

A spokesman said while the City does not actively enforce these laws, it does respond to complaints from residents accordingly and has done so since Council’s decision in 2012.

“In the past fortnight there have been three non-compliance actions in progress relating to artificial turf,” he said.

“One has been resolved while action against two others has been suspended until Council has fully considered the review of the local law in October.

“The City will provide an update to the community once the matter has been considered by Council later this year.”

Submissions on the local law can be made until 4pm, August 17.