City of Rockingham considers appeal

The decision by Commission deputy chairman Seamus Rafferty, released last Friday, could mean operator Tocoan Pty Ltd, owned by well-known Rockingham identity Kevin Mann, could seek further costs from the City with ratepayers to foot the bill of potentially more than $250,000.

However, Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the City was seeking legal advice on ‘pursuing a review of this decision’ and the City’s main complaints were not found to be vexatious.

‘We have worked with the police, Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor and Drug and Alcohol Authority to investigate concerning levels of anti-social behaviour and violence in the Waterfront Village,’ he said.

Mr Mann said a successful Freedom of Information application had revealed the City had already spent $214,500 on the case.

He has 14 days from the decision to lodge a claim for more than the part-costs awarded.