City of Rockingham council supports Wanliss St Marina plan

City of Rockingham council supports Wanliss St Marina plan

CITY of Rockingham Councillors supported a development application for the proposed Wanliss Street Marina by majority vote at its September meeting.

The Wanliss Street Marina is proposed to be located on public land.

The City and the Transport Department, are responsible for that land’s management.

A report put to council stated that the marina was a ‘long held desire’ of both the council and the community.

It stated a public comment period open in 2011 garnered overwhelming public support for a proposed marina.

Factors such as employment driven by tourism and a support for existent businesses were also cited as positives for Rockingham should the marina be developed.

One of the factors that the development hinges on is the developer’s financial capacity for the project and by passing the motion the City sought assurances from the state that that capacity was there.

There also was the concern that the seabed lease for the marina had not been properly secured. A lease was granted 15 years ago but needed to be modified for the marina as intended.

Assurances are sought from the Transport Department that the lease is sufficient and also has terms to manage any associated risks to the project.

The motion will go to the WA Planning Department to authorise, confirming also due diligence had been undertaken in relation to the financial and logistical capacity of the developer to deliver the project in its entirety in a reasonable time and that the seabed lease is sufficient for the project.

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