City of Rockingham develops Children and Young People Strategy

THE City of Rockingham has developed a draft strategy aimed at building resilience in our young people.

The Children and Young People Strategy 2018-2023 expands on the City’s earlier strategy (Youth Strategy 2011-2015).

City staff have deemed it necessary to give direction for the Rockingham community to nurture resilient, healthy children.

The expansion of the Strategy to include children is based on the recognition that early intervention is the best way to support young people, and that this support should start in the early years of life.

Early intervention approaches support and develop children of all ages and young people and contributes to an outcome of healthy children and young people connecting with their families, peers and community; to learning and to ultimately developing as contributing independent adults.

Consultation was undertaken with parents of children aged 0-11 years and young people aged 12-25 years through surveys and focus groups. Not-for-profits and government organisations were also consulted.

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