City of Rockingham gives approval for doggy day care

City of Rockingham gives approval for doggy day care

TONGUES have been wagging about a new daycare centre in Rockingham.

At the last City of Rockingham council meeting unanimous approval was given for a specialised day care centre – one for dogs.

Now every dog can have its day; sniff with abandon, fetch balls, dig or simply cool off in the paddle pool while making new pals with the neighbourhood canines.

With a similar structure to conventional day care centres, its focus and priority are for its clients in fur coats.

Owner of the business Gabi Martens-Bowley said the idea for the business came when she adopted a dog.

“It was purely through my dog Blaise,” she said.

“We had temporary fencing one time and I wasn’t sure if he was a jumper. I would have loved something like that then.”

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A short time later she heard a radio program about doggie daycare centres.

“I thought ‘OK it’s not just something in my head,’ they actually exist,” she said.

Her partner, John Overton had secured a big warehouse on Dixon Road for his data and communications business.

“He said there was more than enough room there so I got half of it to set up the daycare,” she said.

With three large areas, dogs get the run of place but make no mistake, too much rough housing and they are given a refresh course on obedience.

Ms Martens-Bowley said it was a structured centre for play, learning and rest.

“We have meet’n’greet when they arrive, play time and nap time. We are in our third week and we have introduced a timetable for free play, rest time or obedience,” she said.

“They can get very excited when a new dog comes in so we have gates they can see each other through then we introduce them slowly.

However, bad to the bone types are not accepted.

“We don’t accept dogs on the dangerous breeds list and if a dog is aggressive, they are not allowed back.

She said they run workshops on how to keep your dog quiet in care and said they accept small dogs through to big dogs.

“Our bookings are based on breed and at the moment we just take 10 at a time,” she said.