City of Rockingham taking part in Local Government Benchmarking program for second time

City of Rockingham taking part in Local Government Benchmarking program for second time

CITY of Rockingham is taking part in the Local Government Benchmarking program.

The high level performance compares 134 local governments across WA (35), New South Wales (69) and New Zealand (30).

Managed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the City is taking part in the comprehensive benchmarking assessment for a second time in 2017-18.

Mayor Barry Sammels said the Local Government Benchmarking program was a very useful tool for measuring performance across a range of key areas.

“We strive for sustainability in our operations so it is really interesting to see the different data showing how the City stacks up against its contemporaries,” he said.

“The City is proud of how well it compared to other local governments in 2015/2016 and is hoping to achieve a similar positive outcome with the 2016-17 data.”

The results from the 2015-16 data comparison showed the City had a low ratio of staff to residents (3.8 full time equivalent per 100 residents), which 2.7 less than the rest of WA; a low percentage of revenue from rates and annual charges (43 per cent), compared to the rest of the state (52 per cent).

The City was assessed as performing well in asset management and strategic community planning.

The deadline for submissions of data from the 2016-17 financial year was October 20.

The final outcomes of the benchmarking study will be released to participating local governments in early 2018.

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