City of Rockingham to assume management of Mike Barnett Sports Complex

Mike Barnett Sports Complex.
Mike Barnett Sports Complex.

CITY of Rockingham will officially take over management of the Mike Barnett Sports Complex from the YMCA next week.

During December and January significant court upgrades are taking place, and all backboards in the complex are scheduled for replacement later in the year.

Mayor Barry Sammels said the upgrades will result in a far better environment for the thousands of patrons who enjoy the facility on a weekly basis.

The new facility co-ordinator at the complex is John Langley.

“John has over 15 years’ experience in the sport and recreation industry including almost seven years in facility management roles,” he said.

“He has most recently been employed at the City of Rockingham as the Community Development Officer (Sport and Recreation) providing club development support to the more than 110 sport and recreation clubs located within the City of Rockingham.”

The complex will be ready to open to the public on Monday, January 8.

It will have a new phone number, 9591 0850.