City of Rockingham votes for warden-controlled crossing on Safety Bay Road

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CITY of Rockingham council have voted unanimously for a warden-controlled crossing for the Safety Bay and Baldivis Road roundabout to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety.

The City supported a warden-controlled crossing option, to cost between $150,000 to $200,000, determining that would be the best solution.

Council considered the outcomes of a report which outlined pedestrian safety, in particular school children, while crossing Safety Bay Road.

The report found very few pedestrians attempted to cross Safety Bay Road using existing crossing facilities near the Baldivis Road roundabout.

Pedestrians, particularly students, were also found to be crossing in random locations further to the west.

The City identified three schools that already have students crossing the problem area of Safety Bay Road, including Baldivis Secondary College, Rivergums Primary School and Tranby College.

However Tranby College advised council they were not interested in participating in a trial.

The City is working with the other two schools to develop an application to submit to the Children’s Crossing and Road Safety Committee (CCRSC).

Both schools have begun doing surveys for the application to the City for a warden crossing.