City rates to rise by 3.5 per cent

Security services will get a boost of nearly $200,000, and residents will have the opportunity to get a bigger 360-litre bin for recyclables for a one-off cost of $50.

Refuse levies to have bins emptied for the normal-sized bins will be $340 and a minimum environmental levy of $90 will be applied to each property.

Residential rates will rise by 3.5 per cent. Past and present rates will be used to revamp the City�s website, and councillor fees are set to jump this year.

Last budget, the mayoral allowance was set at $60,000 with $15,000 directed to the deputy and a total of $183,500 spent on meeting fees for all councillors, plus further travel and communications allowances, bringing the total councillor remuneration to $288,750.

This budget, after a review of fees by the Salary and Allowances Tribunal, councillors will get just over $30,000 in attendance fees.

The mayor�s annual attendance fee will rise to $46,350 in addition to an annual mayoral allowance of $87,550. The deputy�s remuneration will rise more than $6000 to $21,887 and councillors will have an information and communications technology allowance of $3500.

Short-term loans will be raised by $5.5 million to $8 million, as the City pushes ahead with key projects including Calista�s Destination Park, $191,360 for solar panels for Darius Wells Library and $2.2 million to renovate the City�s administration building.

The City is sticking by its plan to impose a 10 per cent increase on the �Large Scale General Industry and Service Commercial� category, despite negative feedback from affected industries.