City welcomes DAP changes, mayor says

Thresholds have changed for both opt-in and mandatory applications.

Parties now choose to have development applications that are valued from $2 million to $10 million determined by a panel.

The mandatory threshold applies to applications worth more than $10 million.

The opt-in threshold was previously $3 million to $7 million.

In the City of Perth it now applies to applications worth $2 million to $20 million.

Mayor Carol Adams said the increase in the mandatory application amount from $7 million to $10 million would potentially reduce the number of applications that must be assessed by development panels.

�The previous threshold meant a number of relatively straightforward applications in the Kwinana Industrial Area had to be determined by the DAP simply because they were over the mandatory threshold,� she said.

�These changes should make the process more streamlined.�

The changes took effect from May 1.

Cr Adams said the City had a good relationship with developers so it was unlikely the reduction in the opt-in threshold would significantly increase these types of applications.

�In the time the DAP legislation has been in place, the City has not had a single opt-in application,� she said.

Staffing levels would not be affected at Kwinana.

�The changes to the DAP thresholds are not expected to result in significant shifts of control or approval within Kwinana,� Cr Adams said.

�All DAP applications must be presented to council prior to being sent to the panel for determination.�