Collaborative business hub for mothers opens in Rockingham today

LOCAL mothers are leading the charge to bring a collaborative hub to Rockingham.

Graphic designer Kate Stagg wanted to bring together entrepreneurs who are working solo, maybe even from home, to join in a collaborative workspace.

She found a space where mothers could work flexibly, balancing home and family commitments with clients.

Partners can rent a desk, use the training room or simply bounce ideas around in a creative space.

The venture Parklife has brought together the best in graphic design, copywriting, corporate photography and business coaching in a one-stop-shop.

Mother of five and photographer Diana Henderson said collaborating with others had been a game changer for her.

“As a Mum at home I’ve had very little space or time to call my own,” she said.

“Now I’ve got a desk, where I escape the noise of a busy family and focus on finding the art in everyday life.”

Mrs Stagg said she wanted to empower other mums to pursue their business dreams by helping establish Parklife as a training and development hub.

“With so many experts in one place, there’s an opportunity to share our knowledge with the community,” she said.

The official launch of Parklife Marketing Hub will be on Friday, May 6 at 6/8 Day Road, Rockingham.