Comply with waste pick-up guidelines or else

Mayor of Rockingham Barry Sammels
Mayor of Rockingham Barry Sammels

Chris Thompson, director of engineering and parks services, said if people followed the City’s guidelines for how much waste and what type can be placed out for collection, the collections would run smoothly and on time.

‘The message is simple; help us get around all the verge collections by doing your bit,’ he said.

‘Don’t put waste out any earlier than seven days before the scheduled start date for your area.

‘You will have to remove the waste if it is out too early or risk a $200 fine.’

He said it would take about two months to collect all the waste from the 42,000 properties on the list.

Mr Thompson said residents could reduce the amount of unsightly litter on streets and help the contractor to remain on schedule.

Any waste over the two cubic metre limit will not be collected.