Concerns over Warnbro fence raised

Neil Mulligan believes fencing along the beach was an expensive waste of public money.
Picture: Jon Hewson   d483341
Neil Mulligan believes fencing along the beach was an expensive waste of public money. Picture: Jon Hewson d483341

WARNBRO resident Neil Mulligan has raised concerns about the City of Rockingham erecting a fence along the beach near the Capella Pass carpark and Fendam Street.

He said the 500m fence was completed two weeks ago but half of it was torn down during storms on the weekend.

Mr Mulligan said a similar fence along the stretch of coast had been buried by sand.

“I would have thought this new fence will suffer the same fate. Why put it there?” he said.

“It will not stop people from going into the sand hills. It’s folly to build it in the first place.

“As a ratepayer I get incensed by some of the decisions made by the council.”

Mr Mulligan said common sense did not always prevail when the “public purse” was concerned.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said reserve fencing helped demarcate natural areas and presented them as important ecosystems that require protection.

“The natural movement of the dunes over time had resulted in the old fence line becoming inundated with sand and vegetation and it was past the point of being salvaged,” he said.

“A new fence line was established to delineate the dunes and provide protection for the coastal vegetation.

“Extra-long posts set well below the soil level were purposefully used for the new fence installation in anticipation of a reduction in the beach profile during winter months.

“The aim was to maintain the fence’s integrity through raising or lowering of the fence following natural erosion and accumulation.”

Mr Sammels said the substantial swell and higher-than-usual tides during the recent storm resulted in significant erosion in a short time frame and a section of the new fence was subsequently damaged.

“Repairs have been arranged. The fence post heights will be adjusted to accommodate the current beach level and missing sections of fence reinstated,” he said.

The fence cost $12,300, which included removal of old fencing.

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