Could Indian Ocean Gateway be missing link?

Could Indian Ocean Gateway be missing link?

THE Indian Ocean Gateway, announced by the City of Kwinana earlier this afternoon, points to the Outer Harbour in Kwinana as the key infrastructure project that will be the catalyst for creating billions of dollars in revenue and tens of thousands of new jobs.

Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams said the Indian Ocean Gateway is the answer the community had been calling for.

�There has been much debate about what the best solution is to Perth�s long-term freight and trade infrastructure needs, but not much has been offered in the way of actual alternatives,� Mayor Adams said.

�That�s why we�ve released the Indian Ocean Gateway proposal � a strategic 50-year vision to encourage serious debate about providing a solution that delivers significant benefits and a substantial return on investment for all West Australians.�

Mayor Adams said the tender for the sale of Fremantle Port should require the construction of the first stage of the Outer Harbour within 10 years.

�That�s the core of the Indian Ocean Gateway proposal. Nearly everyone you ask � from government, to opposition, to industry itself � agrees that the Outer Harbour is the future of port trade in Perth.

�The early announcement by the Government of the sale of Fremantle Port has provided a unique and exciting opportunity to include the Outer Harbour in the tender specification and to expedite its staged construction.�

Mayor Adams said the economic and social benefits to all West Australians were immense.

�This proposal will create 25,000 direct jobs and a further 50,000 people will be employed indirectly as a result of the Indian Ocean Gateway.

�At full build-out it�s estimated an extra $42 billion will be added every year to the WA economy.

�The time to act is now.

�We urge debate on the Indian Ocean Gateway before key decisions are locked away.

�It�s clear that at the very least, a full and frank discussion needs to be had about what�s in the best interests of our state long-term.�

The Indian Ocean Gateway consultation paper can be viewed at

The Indian Ocean Gateway supports:

Inclusion of a requirement for construction of the Outer Harbour by 2025 in the tender for the sale of Fremantle Port.

Construction of a land-backed port by the private sector with intermodal facilities at the berth providing modern, state-of-the-art freight handling while unlocking the potential of thousands of hectares of industrial land.

Improved productivity through the construction and extension of existing dedicated freight routes, supported by improved rail connections to the industrial hub of Kewdale.