Court chastises drink-driver

Mathew Daniel Creary (36) was placed on the order when he appeared in Rockingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday after he had previously pleaded guilty to drink-driving and driving under suspension.

The court was told Creary blew 0.151 after he was stopped by police on Orelia Avenue about 10.30pm on May 7. His driver’s licence had been suspended until December, 2015.

He had seven previous driving under suspension convictions and multiple drink-driving offences.

The court heard Creary had recently sought help for his alcohol dependency at Alcoholics Anonymous and the Salvation Army.

Magistrate Stephen Wilson said Creary would have to undergo counselling and rehabilitation as part of his six-month pre-sentence order. If Creary successfully completed the order, he would face a suspended jail term, but a jail sentence loomed if he breached it.

‘It is a deplorable driving history and you are a danger to the community,’ Magistrate Wilson said.

‘It is fortunate that you have not had a serious car crash, but a disaster is waiting to happen. You should be aware of your alcohol problem.

‘You need to fix your life for the sake of the community and your children, who are suffering silently from your conduct.’

Creary was released on bail under supervision conditions.