Crazy hair at Calista

Crazy hair at Calista

On Wednesday, the school held its ‘crazy hair day’, where students and teachers came to school garbed in wigs or with coloured streaks in their hair.

It was held to support Year 1 student Jester Gaspay, who was diagnosed with leukaemia earlier in the year.

Money and food items raised from the day were donated to Jester’s family.

Year 1 teacher Melvina Benzies described Jester as an ‘amazing student’.

‘He is full of spirit, bright and enthusiastic,’ she said.

‘He and his family have been doing it tough, so the school wanted to get together and support them.’

She said staff members visited Jester regularly at Princess Margaret Hospital.

‘Classmates have been writing letters and sending them to him,’ she said.

‘We are hoping for a recovery and that he is back with us soon.’