Crossing alert

Brookfield Rail, the manager of WA�s 5500km freight rail network, is encouraging pedestrians and motorists to take extra care on level crossings.

It was International Level Crossing Awareness Day on Wednesday, June 3.

Brookfield Rail Safety manager Adam Sidebottom said there were about 70 incidents at level crossings on the network each year, most of which involved pedestrians and motorists not paying attention.

These incidents include colliding with, or nearly colliding with trains, as well as vehicles running through stop signs or lights at level crossings, or running into boom gate barriers.

Mr Sidebottom said Brookfield Rail employees and train drivers on the network were continually surprised by the risks people are willing to take to beat a train.

�At Brookfield Rail, safety is our priority and we work hard to minimise the risks associated with railways and trains, however members of the community have a significant part to play in being aware and vigilant around the tracks,� he said.

Mr Sidebottom said because trains always had right of way, it was up to road users to obey the law and respect the rules at level crossings.

�On our network, a train can weigh more than 14,000 tonnes and may be travelling at up to 90km/h, which means they cannot stop quickly,� he said.

�In most cases, level crossing incidents can be easily avoided by people being vigilant in regards to their safety.�