Dinner money to go on signage

Kwinana became a city in 2012, but the signs remain unchanged.

Designs for the new signs around the city centre and council offices are yet to be finalised.

The Mayoral Stakeholders Dinner is normally held each year to thank those who continue to contribute to Kwinana�s transformation through multi million-dollar improvements to the community.

The 2014 dinner was originally budgeted to cost $50,000.

The previous year�s dinner took place in the council�s own Ken Jackman Hall.

This stakeholder dinner racked up a $27,000 bill for 100 politicians, dignitaries, stakeholders and industry representatives.

Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams said: �Despite the dinner being budgeted for in 2014-15, the decision was made by the councillors not to hold the event this year due to the difficulties of being able to plan for it given the uncertainties created by the local government reform process�.

The rest of the saved funding was directed to Neighbour Day.