Rotary Club of Palm Beach do hole lot of good

Rotary Club of Palm Beach do hole lot of good

DROPPING the ball is never a good thing, but when 1500 golf balls are dropped from a helicopter on the Rockingham Driving Range, three Rockingham youth clubs will benefit.

Rotary Club of Palm Beach members are encouraging everyone to have a ball for a good cause.

President Laurie Smith said the club’s latest fundraising venture was the Golf Ball Drop raffle. Each ticket sold will correspond with a number on each golf ball.

The ball closest to the pin will be the winner.

“The Golf Ball Raffle involves three local youth groups, with over 1000 young people, and when drawn on December 13 at 10am on a Saturday morning, up to $30,000 will be divided up by these groups,” he said.

“This is a self-help project with the three youth clubs assisting with ticket sales.

“The money raised will go towards new Astroturf cricket nets for the Hillman Junior Cricket Club, an awning at the Police and Citizens Youth Club to store equipment used for courses for kids at risk, and completion of the exciting new Surf Club Facility at Secret Harbour.

“These are the partnerships that are really worthwhile for us in Rotary.”

Tickets are $25 each and the prizes are $5000 for first, $1500 for second and $500 for third.

To purchase a ticket, email