Dog theft devastates owner

Nick Edmunds with a picture of his dog Beau.Picture: Jon Hewson d426998
Nick Edmunds with a picture of his dog Beau.Picture: Jon Hewson d426998

Warnbro resident Nick Edmunds said he returned home at 5.30pm on Thursday, September 25, and discovered his german shepherd dog Beau was missing.

Initially he believed Beau ran away through an open side gate, prompting him to search nearby streets.

However, a neighbour’s security camera footage from 11.30am that day showed a man leaving with a german shepherd on a leash.

The man in the footage was wearing dark trousers, a light-coloured shirt and had a backpack.

Mr Edmunds posted the video on Facebook, where it has gone viral and viewed more than 350,000 times over 24-hours.

‘I am still devastated because Beau is my best friend; basically he is like a child to me. He is four years old and I have had him since he was a puppy. Beau could have been targeted because he was pure breed,’ he said.

Sergeant Adam Griffiths from Rockingham police said the incident was being investigated but believed it was an isolated case.

‘A theft of a dog is pretty rare and we do not believe this is set to become a regular occurrence,’ he said.

‘We do not think people are targeting pure-breed dogs.’

Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the City was not aware of dogs being targeted because of their breed.

Nevertheless, he said owners should ensure their dogs were micro-chipped, registered and confined on the property.

Anyone with information about Beau should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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