Dolphins’ delicacy

Dolphins’ delicacy
Dolphins’ delicacy

The photos were shot on a camera attached beneath Rockingham Wild Encounters� dolphin swim boat.

Director Aaron Heath said dolphins had an unusual way of eating the poisonous fish.

�The dolphins here just love to eat blowfish, but as we all know, their skin is quite poisonous,� he said.

�So they bite the tail and suck the flesh out and leave the skin behind.�

Mr Heath said the company�s swim crew also noticed the dolphins tended to be more sexually active after eating blowfish.

�The swim crew seem to think that this a bit of an aphrodisiac, as the dolphins seem to be a bit �active� after having a blowfish feast,� he said.

�At times when blowfish spawn, the water can be filled with tiny baby blowfish and the dolphins love to eat these like popcorn.

�They don�t seem to have any issues with the poison in the baby blowfish; they eat them whole and it makes a popping.�