Driver Charged for Burnouts

SUCCUMBING to peer pressure was often the reason people ended up in court, Magistrate Susan Richardson said while sentencing a Waikiki man for a three day burn-out show.

Benjamin Jay Del Rosario (20) appeared in Rockingham Magistrates Court on January 5 where he pleaded guilty to three charges of wilfully driving a motor vehicle causing excessive smoke from the tyres or road surface.

The police prosecutor said a member of the public observed a Ford Falcon doing a burnout on November 26 on Oakford Crescent in Waikiki.

The following day, another member of the public filmed the same vehicle and driver doing another burnout.

On the third day, Del Rosario did another burnout, which was also witnessed by a member of the public.

When he was interviewed by police, Del Rosario said he was just showing off to a mate.

The prosecutor recommended a loss of licence as the offences occurred on a residential street.

Magistrate Richardson questioned Del Rosario about his actions: “Why on earth were you behaving that way?”

“I was pressured by a mate,” Del Rosario said.

“We all have our own minds,” Magistrate Richardson replied. “Peer group pressure is a big problem and we see it in this court a lot.

“I think you get far more kudos if you stand up for yourself and not do what others want us to do.”

Del Rosario said he did not want to lose his licence but accepted responsibility.

“I deserve it,” he said.

Magistrate Richardson said it was a “silly” and “concerning” thing to do.

“No doubt when showing off you’re not paying attention though,” she said

“It was dangerous. To your credit you have completed an apprenticeship and are working full-time, you are a productive and otherwise responsible member of the community.”

He was fined $950 and lost his licence for three months.