Drunk man cops a $700 fine and spent conviction after trying to evade police

A MAN trying to dodge the clutches of police has escaped with a $700 fine at the Rockingham Magistrates Court on December 8.

Rheon Michael McClelland pleaded guilty to one count of obstructing public officers.

The prosecutor said the 20-year-old had been at Liquids Nightclub and at 2.50am became involved in an argument and fight with another man.

He was then said to have run away down a laneway where a bystander alleged he assaulted a 15-year-old.

Police said he was visibly aggressive with them so he was tasered, handcuffed and taken to the station.

His lawyer said he ran away from the other person as he did not want to get into trouble and did not assault that person.

He said McClelland was very drunk, staggering around that night and has since sought help with a counsellor for alcohol issues.

He asked for a spent conviction.

The prosecutor said they accepted he was a young man who recognised he had an alcohol problem.

Police said McClelland was genuine and they did not oppose a spent conviction.

The prosecutor said they accepted McClelland was trying to get away and was not lashing out.

Magistrate Susan Richardson said McClelland did have a prior similar conviction at the beginning of the year.

“Nothing came of the alleged assault and you were trying to get out of their clutches which was driven somewhat by what happened to you before,” she said.

“It’s certainly concerning to see you here again.

“Police have a very difficult and tedious time… dealing with drunk people in our community.

“Other than these incidents you are a productive member of society. Spent conviction granted.”