Anti-marina campaigners delighted after Mangles Bay Marina plan withdrawn

Dump delight: Peter Green and James Mumme both felt elation and relief after the decision to can the marina project.  Picture: Jon Hewson   d480272
Dump delight: Peter Green and James Mumme both felt elation and relief after the decision to can the marina project. Picture: Jon Hewson d480272

WAVES of elation and relief washed over community members after Planning Minister Rita Saffioti made the decision to can the Mangles Bay Marina last Thursday.

Looking ahead to the future use of Point Peron are residents James Mumme and Peter Green.

Both men have been heavily involved in campaigning against the marina and offering an alternative – a coastal park.

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Such a park would provide an area where people can play or picnic with features such as walking, riding, diving, snorkelling, outdoor cinemas and concerts and gardens.

They said there was much to be done and have been moving forward with ongoing efforts to clean up the area, such as ridding it of the invasive Brazilian pepper tree.

“It looks all green and lush now but the area is under pressure,” Mr Mumme said.

“The weeds are taking over the native species.

“Launched on March 14, 2012, a coastal park is the community’s vision for Cape Peron.”

Mr Green said they would apply for funding through the City of Rockingham to get a detailed plan and costing for a future coastal park.

“Following that, we will be seeking in principle or full support from the powers that be, then further to that for a grant to get the work done.”

Hands Off Point Peron convener Dawn Jecks has campaigned long term for a nature park.

She has long raised concerns over flaws in the marina proposal that it would appear have only now been heeded.

“We are delighted the Minister for Planning Rita Saffioti has accepted the WAPC’s recommendation to reject the Mangles Bay Marina MRS amendment, and to withdraw the proposal,” she said.

“We congratulate the minister for exercising economic competence, common sense and for listening to the people, the experts and for making this wise decision.

“We are now calling on the WA government to prevent future attempts to urbanise Point Peron by helping the area become an A Class Reserve as was always intended for this public land, under conditions stipulated in the 1964 Point Land Transfer agreement.

“We ask them to get behind the infinitely superior and popular tourism and jobs rich Cape Peron Coastal Park option – ‘Rockingham’s Kings Park of the South’.”

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