‘Facebook famous’ youth Rhian Ryan faces court on teen rape charge

Rhian Lee Ryan.
Rhian Lee Ryan.

A ‘FACEBOOK’ famous youth accused of raping a 14-year-old girl and threatening to send nude pictures to her family has appeared in court.

Rhian Lee Ryan faced Perth District Court for his trial into the alleged detainment and rape of a girl he had friended through social media.

In her opening address, prosecutor Sarah Kavanagh said Mr Ryan had friended a 14-year-old girl through Facebook.

The victim said she initially refused the friend request but later accepted it after recognising Mr Ryan as someone she had seen on the train.

Giving evidence to court through a pre-recorded video, the victim said it was a short time before Mr Ryan asked for naked pictures of her.

“After two or three weeks he became flirty and started asking for illicit photos,” she said.

“He started saying I was attractive and had large breasts – I just blew it off.”

She refused to send nude pictures to him.

“He began calling me a slut and a tramp and threatened to have people beat me up in public,” the jury heard.

“I felt very scared – and felt the only option was to send him the pictures. I felt he would hurt me somehow.”

Rhian Lee Ryan.



She sent intimate images through Snapchat, where they self-destruct after a few minutes, but got a notification that Mr Ryan had taken a screenshot of her pictures.

“I was extremely worried and did not know what he would do with them,” she said.

A few days later she got a message stating he wanted to meet her and to come to his house.

She refused to go but said Mr Ryan began threatening her and said he would send the pictures to her family and post them on public forums.

“I was very scared – so I said I would meet him.”

She met him at a bus stop in Warnbro before they walked to his house. He told her not to talk to anyone and he took her straight to his bedroom where he put on a movie.

“It was hard I felt really scared and physically in pain,” she said. “He said if I did not have sex with him he would keep punching me,” she said.

Alleged rapist introduced victim to his family

The victim told the trial that she tried to leave but he straddled her and quickly took his pants off.

She told the court that he raped her punched her in the ribs when she tried to leave, biting her hand and drawing blood.

Mr Ryan introduced her to his family before taking her back to his bedroom where they watched more movies. Later that night he raped her again.

She told the court: “I remember laying there and he was on top of me and I tried to push him away but I couldn’t.

“I told him I did not want to have sex with him but he told me ‘he did not want to stop’ … I kept telling him to stop.”

The next morning while he was asleep the victim managed to leave and get a bus back home.

She said she stopped caring about the threats to expose her photos by then.

“I felt what I had been through was the worst – I didn’t have any care about the threats from before.”

She then blocked all social media accounts from Mr Ryan, and it was not until some months later that he tried to contact her again.

He asked if she had messaged anyone telling them not to be friends with him.

“Tell your friend to unblock me – I still got your nudes,” he said.

Mr Ryan’s lawyer, James Sutherland cross-examined the victim.

He continually put it to the victim that the sex had been consensual and she had in fact been to Mr Ryan’s home on two previous occasions.

With each question the victim replied firmly ‘No,’.

Mr Ryan admits to the sexual penetration of the victim, however denies raping her, blackmailing her, physically assaulting her or holding her against her will.

The trial continues.