Family say kind words of support has given comfort

In a statement to the Courier, a spokeswoman for the family said they wanted closure not only for themselves, but for the Kwinana community, and the police who worked on the harrowing case.

‘We all hope, pray and believe that one day it will be solved because someone out there has some information about that day, we hope that they could give information over,’ the statement said.

‘We all would love to have closure on the case, so everyone working on the case and the people of Kwinana can be at peace and then we can get our heads and hearts around the senseless crime and then maybe come to terms with it.

‘Our hearts will never have closure because of what happened, because the hole in our hearts has to live with the emptiness of not having her with us everyday.’

The statement said her family was still mourning their loss, despite more than three decades since Felicia’s death.

‘Memories of her bring us joy and tears to our eyes,’ it said.

‘We miss her laughter and warm smile and just talking to her.

‘Our lives have had a void (since) the day she was taken away.

‘We would like to thank everyone who has supported the family and the kind words people have to say about her ” it has given us great comfort.’