Fight goes on over marina

State Environment Minister Albert Jacob passed a determination on a number of appeals to the Environmental Protection Authority’s conditional approval of the controversial marina.

It is a joint development between Cedar Woods and LandCorp with plans for 500 boat pens plus moorings, and adjoining tourism, commercial and residential developments.

Several individuals and prominent environmental groups including HOPP, Conservation Council of WA and Urban Bushland Council lodged appeals against the EPA’s approval.

In his determination, Mr Jacob said the appeals convener recommended that five of the 15 appeal grounds would be allowed in part. However, he was ‘of the view the EPA had adequately considered the key environmental factors’ in its assessment.

The ruling could virtually give the go-ahead for the development from an environmental standpoint.

Nevertheless, the project is far from going ahead with further approvals to be given at a State and federal level on the wider social and financial implications.

Ms Jecks said following last Thursday’s ruling she had ‘no faith’ in the EPA and before the first hole was dug supporters from groups opposing the development would ensure they exhausted every avenue to fight for the area’s preservation.

‘The fight has only just begun. We are not going to roll over and go away,’ she said.

‘This is nothing more than a Point Peron private canal housing development with a marina tacked on, which is being painted as a tourist precinct and community infrastructure.

‘Contractually all the developers are required to do is dig the hole, carve up the land and sell it. That’s the reality, forget the dream because it’s not going to be delivered.’

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