Baby formula shortage in Rockingham

Baby formula shortage in Rockingham

THE baby formula shortage is affecting Rockingham shops, with bare shelves of certain brands at Coles and Woolworths.

Coles had a note apologising to customers for the shortage and had limits of four cans per customer.

The shortage is due to people sending baby formula overseas for a profit.

On Wednesday, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources released a statement saying the Government did not have the power to intervene.

They released a statement today saying that supermarkets were taking measures to make sure adequate stock of infant formula was available and are talking to their suppliers.

Several Rockingham pharmacies had also taken measures to ensure stock levels.

Pharmacist Fan Wong from Greg’s Discount Pharmacy said they had put three-can limits on purchases.

“It has not been a major problem for us,” he said.

“There has only been one person who asked about buying a carton of formula tins.”

“We also have emergency stock for those who need it.”

Terry White Pharmacist Vahid Khalessi said it was hard to police but he was not concerned, as they always kept buffer stock.

“It seems to be a brand-orientated thing that has been going one since the poisoning scare in China,” he said.