Gay marriage plan a poll issue

Candice Gertau (left) with her sister Bianca. Picture: Elle Borgward d405952
Candice Gertau (left) with her sister Bianca. Picture: Elle Borgward d405952

Mr Rudd announced during Sunday night’s debate that a re-elected government would introduce a Bill to legalise same-sex marriage as one of its priorities.

Candice Gertau from Cooloongup told the Courier it was difficult to watch her young sister plan her wedding while she could not legally marry her partner, who she has lived with for 18 months.

‘My younger sister is slowly planning her dream wedding and as happy as I am for her, inside I’m jealous because I can’t see the day where I will be able to plan my wedding with my future wife,’ she said.

‘The fact that same-sex marriage is not legal here in Australia makes me feel angry and ashamed.

‘It shouldn’t be same-sex marriage, it should just be marriage.

‘I love my partner and the fact that I can not marry her hurts because she is the person I want to spend my life with, so why shouldn’t we have the same right as everyone else?’

Ms Gertau said she believed Mr Rudd’s announcement could be another neglected promise.

‘Rudd saying he would introduce a new Bill will have a definite sway on my vote,’ she said..

‘I hope that same-sex marriage will be legalised because it’s not about defining my relationship, it’s about having the right that we deserve.’

Opposition leader Tony Abbott hinted that the Coalition may allow its members a conscience vote on the matter but it was not a top priority.