Golden Bay youngster supports protest using Lego men

Nate, Rachael and Kai
Golden Bay youngster supports protest using Lego men
Nate, Rachael and Kai

LOVING his home and inspired by the efforts made by his parents and others to protect it, young Nate McCutcheon set about expressing his feelings with the best tools for the job – Lego men and his dad’s work ute full of sand.

The choice to move to Golden Bay for Adam and Rachael McCutcheon and their 5-year-old twin boys, Nate and Kai was an easy one due to the unique lifestyle they felt the area offered.

Ironically they moved from Secret Harbour due to the flattened landscape and lack of green space, preferring the undulating landscape of Golden Bay.

“Everything there is bulldozed flat and looks the same,” Rachael said.

With land clearing beginning on Friday, August 18 the family felt their lifestyle was being threatened so they naturally did what they could and attended the first day of protests on Monday, August 21 at 7am.

“That very first one, yep we jumped on board for that one then it just progressed from there,” Rachael said.

“We moved here for a quieter life, to be closer to the beach and because it’s different – there are different housing styles from old beach shacks to big family homes and backyards.”

“It’s the area too – the undulating landscape, houses on hills and lots of places to walk around and explore.”

“It is so good to see kangaroos down at the dunes – it’s the coastal lifestyle that we moved here for.”

“To see it knocked down it just such a shame.

Rachael said her son’s response to the land clearing made her proud.

“Nate came in and said mum I’ve got a surprise for you,” she said.

“He’d been in his dad’s ute using brickies sand and lego people and made the dunes and

“He then led me out to his dad’s ute and showed me.

“I thought it was awesome that it came from his mind – it gave him a voice.

“I was really quite proud of him for doing that.

Nate and Kai hoped the dunes would be left.

“I just want them to stop, I just do,” Nate said.

Rachael said she wasn’t sure what would happen.

“I’m a bit lost now as to where its at. I guess we just keep talking and keep active about it,” she said.

“Otherwise it will all be forgotten.”

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