Gonski is Trojan Horse, says Gordin

But Ms Gordin has hit back, saying she agrees with Mr Barnett’s concerns that the Federal Government is using Gonski as ‘a Trojan Horse’ to take over state schools.

‘There are two people who want to stand in the way of our local schools getting this funding ” Tony Abbott and Colin Barnett,’ Mr Gray said.

‘It’s outrageous (Barnett) is putting the Liberal Party’s political interests ahead of the future of West Australians.’

Mr Gray said Mr Abbott had promised to cut funding to schools.

‘I’m challenging local candidate Donna Gordin to stand up for our schools and students and demand the WA Liberal Party signs up to Labor’s plan,’ he said.

Ms Gordin said the Gillard Government’s plan for school funding was becoming as ‘calamitous’ as the Building the Education Revolution project.

‘The Federal Coalition supports additional funding for schools,’ she said. ‘We have always suggested that at least the same quantum of funds, indexed each year to meet rising costs must be the basic starting point arising as a result of any new school funding model.

‘Unfortunately the Federal Budget has revealed Labor is actually reducing school education funding by $325 million over the forward estimates, despite the claims of extra spending.’

She said schools in WA would not see any of the funding until 2017.

‘Labor has also cut funding to universities, student income support, apprenticeships and training, and tax deductions for self-education expenses,’ she said.