Greens oppose planned marina

Scott Ludlam. Picture: Elle Borgward d416853
Scott Ludlam. Picture: Elle Borgward d416853

Mr Ludlam spoke to the Courier yesterday at the site where Cedar Woods and LandCorp plan to build a 500-boat pens marina, plus moorings, and adjoining tourism, commercial and residential developments.

He praised local environment campaigners while criticising the Federal and State government’s environmental credentials over the proposed marina.

‘It should be on the national radar because the Commonwealth still has some responsibility because the fact is it was Commonwealth land,’ he said.

‘We’ve been raising this in Parliament pretty consistently for the last couple of years; we are doing that because the locals wants us to.

‘There is a very spirited and quite determined residents’ movement down here, with people having alternatives they’d rather see than a Point Peron development.’

Last month, State Environment Minister Albert Jacob passed a determination on a number of appeals to the Environmental Protection Authority’s conditional approval of the controversial marina.

Mr Ludlam said the fact Landcorp was one of the proponents was a conflict of interest with the State Government.

‘It is the very definition of a conflict of interest’