Waikiki mother horrified after daughter found headless kitten in Mandurah

A WAIKIKI woman said she was left “horrified” after finding the headless body of a kitten in Mandurah recently, and urged locals to consider animal welfare before becoming pet owners.

Elle Howson’s daughter made the grim discovery, but Ms Howson recovered it and called authorities, as it was too distressing for her daughter to deal with.

“She had her three-week-old daughter and her three-year-old daughter with her,” Ms Howson said.

“I went and recovered the body and it was no older than three to four weeks old; the head was nowhere to be found.

“It’s the most horrific and callous thing I have ever seen. It looked like the head had been wrung off, and then thrown from a car.”

City of Mandurah rangers collected the dead kitten and the police were informed.

Ms Howson said she had rescued many animals from local shelters and vets, and said people needed to ensure their pets were sterilised to ensure they didn’t have any unexpected, or unwanted, pregnancies and births.

“People can’t have animals and not get them sterilised,” she said.

“I want people to be aware of this sadistic act so it doesn’t happen again.”