Hills set for housing

Chris Elliott at the hills. Picture: Elle Borgward d399966
Chris Elliott at the hills. Picture: Elle Borgward d399966

The City passed an amendment to rezone lots 101 and 102 Crystaluna Drive from rural to special residential at last week’s council meeting.

The 1.7ha site is on steep Peelhurst Hill which overlooks the coastal suburb and is one of the highest points in the city.

Cr Elliott said the City had to rezone the land urban as part of the Metropolitan Regional Scheme or eventually it would be ordered to by Planning Minister John Day.

He said electing to make the amendment would allow the City to retain some control over the subdivision.

‘It will minimise the risk and minimise the environmental damage ” it is the best outcome we can have,’ he said.

Cr Elliott said Peelhurst Hill was visible for several kilometres and the community was ‘dismayed’ by the plan to build houses on it.

‘There are two things about this place that are brilliant: one is the super beach and the other is the wonderful hills along the back. Nowhere else has both the beach and the hills,’ he said.

Mr Day’s office was contacted for comment but did not respond before deadline.