Husband and wife scaffolders can finally climb down after Lotto win

A HUSBAND and wife scaffolding team from Kwinana are WA’s latest Lotto millionaires after winning $1 million in last Wednesday’s Lotto draw.

The couple’s winning ticket was one of two produced by WA in last week’s draw and make up the State’s 55th and 56th Division 1 wins for the year.

“Scaffolding is hard yakka so we’re pretty excited that an early retirement is now on the cards,” the woman aged in her 50s said.

“My hubby was away working FIFO when I called him with the big news – he immediately went and told his boss that he’d be a danger to have on site as his head was spinning.”

The couple’s daughter said she was over the moon that her parents could now consider winding down and hanging up their hardhats.

“Mum and Dad have worked so hard their whole lives and have faced quite a few health issues as a result of 30-odd years of scaffolding,” she said.

“This Lotto win is huge for them – it really will be life-changing.”