Improvements at black spots

Traffic islands and painted right-turn islands will be placed at the intersection of Port Kennedy Drive with Bakewell and Blackburn drives.

This project will cost $240,000.

The intersection of Gilmore Avenue, Chisham Avenue and Harlow Road in Calista will get $235,000 to upgrade street lighting, install a right-turn arrow without filter on the east and west legs and modify the left-turn slip lane on the south leg.

At Henry Street $21,000 will be used to install extra signage, line marking, raised reflective pavement markers and a low profile speed cushion will be place on Burlinton Street.

The intersection of Safety Bay Road and Arpenteur Drive in Baldivis will get $18,000 to install a seagull island.

�The good thing about the Black Spot Program is that anyone can suggest a location they believe should be considered for a safety upgrade,� Senator Michaelia Cash said.