Madeleine King celebrates her mother Diana Morris

Her mother’s support was a key factor in Madeleine King’s life.
Her mother’s support was a key factor in Madeleine King’s life.

MOTHERS play an important role in all our lives, especially as one embarks on a new career.

For Brand Labor candidate Madeleine King, the support of her mum was a key factor in graduating from university, forging a career in law as well as deciding to run for government.

“It’s made every difference (having a loving, supportive mum).

“There are people who aren’t as lucky as I am or my three brothers and sister… to have Mum around and a relationship all my life,” she said.

Ms King said she enjoyed a lunch with her mum at the Shoalwater home where she grew up to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Diana Morris, Ms King’s mother, moved to Shoalwater in 1959, shortly after marrying her husband.

She said she was proud of all her children. “I’m just pleased to be their mother. It’s just such a normal thing to do, to have children and enjoy them,” she said.

“They’re my best friends. I felt it was a very big privilege to be a mother and I thank God for all these children… and my husband of course.

“I think it’s very hard for mothers today, the way the world is. It’s not simple anymore.”

When asked about her daughter’s political aspirations, Ms Morris smiled.

“Whatever Maddie does, she does well,” she said.