Madora Bay appeal baffles

A map of the affected area.
A map of the affected area.

Madora Bay Community Association member Craig Salt said the grounds for the appeal were unclear as relevant documentation had not been distributed in accordance with State Administrative Tribunal conventions.

A directions hearing has been scheduled by the Tribunal for this Friday at 11.30am.

More than 50 people attended a special meeting of Madora Bay Community Association at the weekend.

Mr Salt said all nominated committee positions were filled and a significant number of other people volunteered to contribute to work group projects.

A motion was unanimously passed to endorse Chris O�Neill and Mr Salt continuing to represent community wishes, regarding Madora Bay North through the remainder of the statutory approval process.

�We anticipate this further injection of energy and passion from residents will help ensure a good outcome from the Madora Bay North development in due course,�� he said.

The main community concerns include inadequate corridors and inadequate buffers in the public open space area.

Residents are concerned the development will affect their lifestyle, will affect sand dunes, destroy wildlife habitats and put pressure on nearby intersections.

The outline development plan affects 143ha of land at Lot 101 Mandurah Road in Madora Bay.

The plan proposes to develop the site for about 1500 residential lots.