Man fined $4500 for defying pub ban

Alan David Craig Ward appeared in custody at the Rockingham Magistrates Court on three breaches of a prohibition order.

The prosecutor said Ward was on a five-year ban from all licensed premises in WA when he went to pubs and a local club this year. The first breach occurred when he tried several times to enter Liquid Nightclub in Rockingham.

Police said Ward had tried unsuccessfully to convince security to let him into the club before he managed to walk into the foyer and bypass its NightKey security system.

Security staff found him later at the bar and removed him from the club.

On March 27 at 3.27pm, Ward was found in company with members of the Rebels Motorcycle Club at the Leisure Inn in Rockingham, where he was acting aggressively.

The third breach came when Ward went to The Admiral Hotel in Kwinana at 10.20pm with Rebels Motorcycle Club members on June 20 this year.

Ward asked Magistrate Susan Richardson if he could have four previous breaches of the prohibition order from October, 2014, removed as they were for restaurants.

Magistrate Richardson told Ward he would need legal advice for that.

Ward pleaded guilty to the three breaches.

The maximum penalty for a single breach of a prohibition order is $10,000.

He was fined $1500 for each breach.