Man guilty of dangerous driving occasioning bodily harm after crash in Casuarina

A MAN has been fined $1200 and lost his licence for 12-months, but was granted a spent conviction when he appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday .

Wolfgang Neutert pleaded guilty to dangerous driving occasioning bodily harm.

The prosecutor said the crash occurred on October 16, 2015 about 8.35am.

Neutert was driving on Thomas Road, Casuarina when he decided to pull over to get some strawberries for his grandchildren.

He waited for the traffic to clear then made a turn, but failed to take a proper look and pulled in front of a Holden Commodore forcing it to break heavily; it went across the road into a drain.

The victim in the Commodore received two broken arms and a broken sternum.

Neutert told police there was sun glare that had reduced visibility but he had not looked properly before turning and failed to see the oncoming car.

The duty lawyer said Neutert is the vice president of the Rockingham RSL and it was his first crash ever and he had no criminal record.

She said the 67-year-old had taken full responsibility for the crash and was concerned for the victim.

He had called the ambulance and tow-truck and also called the victim three days later to see how she was.

The duty lawyer said Neutert does volunteer work and requested a spent conviction. This went unopposed by the prosecutor.

Magistrate Susan Richardson said he had pleaded guilty early and he had simply not taken a proper look before he turned.

She said the maximum fine was $9000.

“It is unusual to grant a spent conviction for a road traffic offence resulting in bodily harm,” she said.

“It is unlikely you would do this again; these things happen quickly.”