Man in disbelief after losing extraordinary licence … for drink driving

Man in disbelief after losing extraordinary licence … for drink driving

A MAN was left bewildered that he won’t be keeping his extraordinary licence after pleading guilty to drink driving.

Louis James Varischetti pleaded guilty on Friday to excess 0.08 and drove contrary to the conditions of his extraordinary licence.

The prosecutor said Varischetti blew 0.089 after being stopped by a booze bus in Waikiki.

He said he also failed to display his E plates, was in excess of limit of 0.02 for his licence and was not driving in the allocated time.

Mr Varischetti was also not on the allocated route for his licence, which was the most direct way to his place of employment at Perth Airport.

Defending himself, Varischetti disputed the police facts.

“Yeah I was driving but the facts are wrong, it’s from my house to Boddington,” he said.

“A friend was in trouble and I went to help but I don’t understand.”

Magistrate Andrew Maughan said his reasons did not excuse his driving.

“You knew that when you got behind the wheel you couldn’t drive then,” he said.

“That’s not extraordinary.”

The Prosecutor said the offences were aggravated by drink driving and opposed Varischetti keeping his extraordinary licence.

Magistrate Maughan fined him $1200 and cancelled his extraordinary licence prompting disbelief from Varischetti.

“So I’ll lose my job?” said Varischetti.

“Your decision Mr Varischetti,” said Magistrate Maughan.

Varischetti mumbled something inaudible as he left the bar table.