Man receives fine, spent conviction for Facebook posts about VRO

A MAN’S Facebook posts landed him a fine in Rockingham Magistrates Court yesterday.

The man pleaded guilty to a breach of violence restraining (VRO) order from February 10, after the prosecutor said the man put public posts on his personal Facebook page about the VRO.

“I’m at a loss why at this…she can turn up to court and bat an eye and get a VRO,” the post said.

“I have never laid a finger on anyone but then bang a VRO.”

The prosecutor said more posts were made later that day of a similar nature.

Magistrate Susan Richardson said court orders must be adhered to.

“Any court order must be abided by, even if you’re unhappy with it,” she said.

The man said that it was his page and he did not intend to breach the order.

However, Magistrate Richardson said a post about VRO’s constituted a breach of the order.

“You don’t need to advertise your intentions to the world,” she said.

“(The posts) go on about various complaints and complaints about the system.”

He was fined $400 and ordered to pay costs of $169.10.

Magistrate Richardson did grant him a spent conviction as it was a first offence and she did not believe he would reoffend.