Man remanded in custody for refusing to recognise court’s authority

Denes Ivan Karabatich was charged with one count each of damaging property, obstructing public officers and possession of housebreaking instruments to commit offence and trespass.

Appearing in the dock with a book in hand, Mr Karabatich continued to quote from it while interrupting Magistrate Stephen Wilson.

�This court is not a court of law,� he said. �The Supreme Court has ruled otherwise,� Magistrate Wilson said.

Repeatedly Mr Karabatich stated it was not a court of law.

�I am not going to argue. I am not interested,� Magistrate Wilson said.

Magistrate Wilson asked if Mr Karabatich wanted to enter a plea.

�I enter no plea, you�re not a court of law,� he said. �Constitutionally you�re not and the people of Australia are sovereign as in the case of Noel & Clifford 1904.�

�This court is null and void.�

Magistrate Wilson adjourned the matter for a trial allocation date.

�You�ll have to go into custody until bail can be signed,� he said.

�You are in contempt of court,� Mr Karabatich said.